Welcome to Pluto Retrograde

Welcome to Pluto retrograde. Pluto will be in retrograde from April 27th – October 6th in Capricorn. The last time we had Pluto in Retrograde was April 20th – October 6th 2020 also in Capricorn so think back about that time for you and what was happening. I know you knew it was something more going on in the cosmos other than the juicy pink full Moon in Scorpio that we are working through. It’s impact is even deeper since Pluto rules Scorpio. So if you have been feeling this heavy deepness in your core, trust, this has a lot to do with it.


So let me explain – Pluto is the planet of what some would call the Underworld. It represents the dark, deep, and hidden side of humanity. It illuminates our secrets for the sake of healing or not and truthfully, since Pluto is so far from Earth, it’s energy is not necessarily on the sweet and subtle side like Venus. Pluto does not actually give a damnbb. So please understand the healing you do during this time, while it will be completely transforming and a HUGE deal for you, it may leave some scars. So please be gentle with yourself, my dear. 


Here are some ways to best navigate this Pluto retrograde:


  • Power struggles and trying to control everything will not win here. You must face everything with a level of empathy and true communication. If not, it will continue to repeat in different scenarios. Compromising is not weakness and taking the higher road can be liberation. It’s your choice.


  • Pluto also rules inheritance, lotteries, and unexpected monies. Be wise in who you share this with. If I were you, I would tell no one. 


  • Addictions of all kinds will be illuminated ESPECIALLY SINCE WE ARE IN A FIVE UNIVERSAL YEAR (2021= 5) which is about overindulgence, sex, addictions, gamblings, and compulsions. You may be faced with big changes in these areas of your life.


  • Secrets and things that are hidden may come to the surface. Some things may be a relief/joy to know and some may not. Be open. Be gentle with yourself. Be honest. This could be about your happiness, addictions, sexual secrets, gambling debts, your finances, your health, anything. Just be honest about where you are and how you want to move forward with freeing yourself.


  • It would be good to look at your natal chart to see where Pluto was when you were born as well as if you have any planets in your 8th house to see how this retrograde will affect you the most. GOOGLE is your best friend here. You have everything you need at your fingertips. There are so many free websites to get your natal chart. All you need is your full birthday, location, and exact time of birth. Then if you have say Pluto in your 6th house just google Pluto in 6th house and read all about it – BOOM. 


  • Really put true focus on the things you have been holding on to for such a long time. This is the time to once and for all make amends with the past. What is done is done and what is gone is gone. Pluto is good for pulling up those old things so you can face them. Honestly Pluto is not the peaches and cream type of planet. It pulls things from your subconscious, your reality, your old reality, all of that! And remember Pluto is in retrograde from April 27th to October 6th.


  • Trust in your intuition. You may tap into your psychic ability even more during this time. TRUST IT. This is key. Because Pluto rules the subconscious your dreams may be very telling at this time. Especially if your life path number is 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, or if you are born on a 7, 16, or 25 day. Trust in your spiritual guides for true guidance and remember that you do have so much help, you just have to ask. Honestly. Just ask and ask again. And then believe it to be so. 


Cheers to this wild ride of Pluto retrograde! Let’s get it!


Affirm:  I cast the burden of addictions, obsessions, sadness, depression, painful secrets, love and relationship issues, financial issues, power struggles, manipulation, and health issues on the God within, the Goddess within, the higher self within, and I go free, free of any addictions, any obsessions, free sadness and depression, free of painful secrets, free of love and relationship issues, free of financial issues, free power struggles, free of manipulations and control tactics, free of any and all health issues in any reality, any parallel universes, and any locations in which I and my soul have existed. And so it is. Ase. Amen.










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