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master numbers, karmic debt numbers, moon phases, planetary alignments, natal charts, progressed charts, learning how to calculate your life path numbers, understanding what your life path numbers mean, personal years, universal years, and so much more!
When I began studying astrology and numerology over 20 years ago, I was searching. I was searching for meanings for my existence. I was searching for ways to heal myself. I was searching for ways to tap into the unknown and not be afraid of it. I was always intrigued by patterns and numbers and I found some kind of solace in the consistency of the astro and numerical cosmic world. It was like I found my freedom in these things and I wanted to learn more. I wanted to go deep into these cosmic realms and learn as much as I could so that I could share. I can remember being 16 in the library that I volunteered in reading books on astrology and Pythagoras and getting willingly lost in how these things related to human patterns and human destinies. I was even more amazed as I got older how understanding my planetary alignments and numerical patterns opened me to understanding me.
I am a cuspy born on the summer solstice with a 17 life path number. In my studies I became engulfed in learning that not only was I just a summer solstice baby and not only was I just a 17 destiny girl. I am my rising, every planet, every house and several other numbers and in knowing that I made it my business to learn how these things affected me. I believe in synchronicity.

It’s a journey | And so it is, so mote it be | Ase ooooo

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