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The Astro-Numerology Reading is ONE HOUR and covers your life path number, day of birth, maturity number, karmic lessons, challenges, personal year for 2024, and personal months for 2024. I will also cover your progressed astro chart and compare it with your natal chart (your astro chart when you were born). A progressed chart gives information on currently what your signs are based on the current movement of the planets in your chart. For example, if you were born a Leo but you are now progressed as a Pisces, that could explain the sudden state of emotions and ways to help deal with it and lessons to be learned during this current progression. You must have your time and location of birth in order to get an astro-numerology chart.


Steps and Reading Information:


1.  Fill out the form below (make sure your full birthday, full name,  time of birth, location of birth, and email address are correct)


2.  Purchase your astro-numerology reading HERE and if you do not have PayPal you can pay via CashApp at $nlanier8. Receipts will be sent to your email


3.  Your reading date and time will be confirmed along with the contact number to call


4.   Your astro-numerology report will be sent before the reading begins and your recording will be sent  after the reading


5.  All payments are non-refundable (your investment is non-refundable, but well worth it!)

astro-numerology reading information form

Once you’ve made your payment, please fill out this form completely so that your session can be scheduled. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR INFORMATION IS CORRECT.


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