2022 is the Universal Year of 6

The universal year for everyone in 2022 is 6 which is 2+0+2+2 added to equal 6.  So, many people will have a sense of tending to all things home, family, love, relocation, children, marriage/divorce, selling or buying homes, deep cleansing of the home, friends that are like family, and renewed love.

The number 6 vibration is a powerful one indeed and for many a welcomed change from the uncertain energy we’ve been in all year.  We have not had a universal year of 6 since 2013 and I don’t know about you, but 2013 was a year where I learned some tough relationship lesson. It was a year of unfolding my idea of love and removing the rose-colored glasses I has become accustomed to looking through in the name of love.


During the 6-vibration of 2022 love and how we process love will be highlighted. In one breath the energy is beautiful. Especially for those that are awakening to what true love really means for them. And then there’s the healing that comes with learning to give and receive love. Keeping a love journal for yourself that you write about love in your daily life would be a perfect balance to this vibration. It could be something as simple as “I woke up today, therefore I am love”, or describing something that made you feel good or smile. This will help illuminate the energy of the almighty 6.

Your home and family life may need you more as well as your close intimate relationships or friendships. There may be times when you will need to just listen without offering any advice. A listening ear will go a long way this year, especially from the people you care the most about.

REAL ESTATE will be a big deal this year. Many folks will make lots of money in the real estate market. If this is your field, study up, plan well, and get ready to shine!

Speaking of home, this is the perfect time to renew your home with a new look and feel or a deep cleansing from head to toe. You will feel it in your soul! Especially if you are born on a 6 day (6, 15, 24) or a 6 life path number.

Keeping your home as clean and as peaceful as you can will be a universal saving grace. Do not let folks into your home that have weird off-putting energy if you can help it. Protect your home and the energy of your home. Cleanse your home often and if you need reinforcements, call on your elevated ancestors to help remove any old and stagnant energy.

If you and your person live together, do your BEST not to go to sleep angry. Make it a habit of telling yourself before going to sleep that you are proud of yourself and thank yourself for getting through the day.

Divorces and marriages are common during this energy. If you are married, you may be tested this year or you may have an urge to renew your vows or take romantic getaways together. Be careful with ending long-term relationships prematurely. Because in 2023 you may be faced with having to repair that connection. Be gentle with yourselves and your loved ones.

Pay close attention to your children and babies in general. They will have the most interesting messages for humanity this year.
This is a prosperous vibration so it will depend on what your life path number or personal year vibration are to see exactly where this could show up for you.

If your life path number or day of birth equals to:

1, you may have new opportunities in your love and home life. Be careful with how you handle conflicts with your family and loved ones. You may not be able to repair the things you say later.

2, you may find out who you can depend on in your family and you may also find more tribe members. You may have deep or heavy conversations about your family and loved ones. Remember to have tact! And in the same breath remember to stick up for yourself to those family members that may take your kindness for weakness. Balance your emotions.

3, ENJOY YOUR LOVED ONES. Take the time out to travel with them. Communicate your needs clearly. Use discernment on speaking about your good news with your family and loved ones. You may have to say some things to bring balance to your home. Watch gossiping or talking too much with certain family members.

4, getting things done, tending to the house (do not delay), fixing things, getting your family all on one accord (or not) setting boundaries with family. Structure and family foundation may be a priority but well worth the work when it’s all said and done.

5, you may decide to start a family, have a child, adopt a child, or even mentor/teach people younger than you (this could be an unexpected bundle), sensual pleasure, lots of change as it pertains to the home life. You may move. Set boundaries with family and loved ones. Be careful with overindulgence, especially with that favorite family member. Romance is big as well.

6, everything stated above about the 6 vibration DOUBLE. Be gentle with yourself and your family. Plan family vacations, romantic or fun events with your loved ones. Pamper yourself. Shower yourself with love. Do self love shadow work. Tend to your home (this is a big one). Listen to the messages of your children. A clean house brings blessings!

7, you may find a spiritual teacher that turns into family. You may need more time for yourself away from family. Explain your needs to your trusted loved ones so they know what is going on with you internally. Space will be needed. Be careful with third party situations or infidelity. Especially if you have a life path number 16 or born on a 16 day.

8, protect your money, debit cards, passwords, and banking information. Your family and loved ones may need you more financially or they may help you financially. You could get a windfall of financial help from a family member. A friend that is like family may have a lucrative opportunity for you.

9, someone may give you an inheritance from how well you treated them over the years. Some things may come full circle as it pertains to your family. You have the opportunity to heal generational curses and raise up your blood line during this year
Home is where the heart is. Your home is also your body and your temple. Both will need your tender love and care this year no matter what your life path number is.

Remember regardless of what happens this year:

Love is a birthright
Love loves me
Love is beautiful
Love is peaceful and freeing
Love feels good
I choose to feel good
I am surrounded in beautiful love
Love is gentle
I am love

Cheers to the Universal year of 6!

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