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One of the largest requests I get are requests for readings on love and compatibility. Is this person my soulmate? Are we destined to be together? Does this person really love me? Have I found my life partner? Many of us just want to finally be happy in love and in life. The truth about love compatibility is that even though your charts, reports, cards say one thing the true work begins within you. It is my belief that everyone has the capability of choosing to be compatible for whatever reason, even if your reports come up that you are not necessarily compatible. I feel the information you get from astrology and numerology are IMPORTANT because it shows you where you need to work the hardest and it shows you the areas that mesh well between the two of you and those are the kinds of reports I provide to my clients when they are looking for compatibility information between them and another person.


I also get requests for compatibility reports between business partners, co-workers, siblings, friends, your children, and non-romantic loved ones. I believe this is just as important as romantic love compatibility reports. Many of us spend the majority of our lives at work. Why not know what the compatibility is between you and the person you spend the most time with! It is the same concept. You find out where the work needs to be to keep that working relationship thriving with good vibrations!


Steps and Reading Information:


1.  Fill out the form below (make sure your full birthday, full name,  time of birth, location of birth, and email address are correct)


2.  Purchase your compatibility reading HERE and if you do not have PayPal you can pay via CashApp at $nlanier8. Receipts will be sent to your email


3.  Your reading date and time will be confirmed along with the contact number to call


4.   Your compatibility report will be sent before the reading begins and your recording will be sent  after the reading


5.  All payments are non-refundable (your investment is non-refundable, but well worth it!)

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Once you’ve made your payment, please fill out this form completely so that your session can be scheduled. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR INFORMATION IS CORRECT.


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