2024 is the Universal Year of 8

Welcome to the ROYAL and VAST year of the powerful 8 ~ Emerging from the fog







Last year was about learning to find balance within our spiritual and internal selves. It was a year of officially dealing with the hidden parts that needed tender care and spiritual enlightenment. 2023 was deep. Things that were hidden or were dormant for years suddenly were pulled to the surface to be internally and sometimes publicly addressed. 2023 was about researching who you are and giving yourself grace to deal with what you found out. 2023 was about learning how to fight for yourself spiritually and mentally. The mind and thinking for yourself was at the forefront of this enlightenment. Group think surely showed many people who were real and not. The illusions came tumbling down. Many people learned just how people really felt about them. Relationships and connections could no longer survive on rocky foundations and real conversations had to be discussed about truth and justice. Sleep was the cure for many things, dreams were speaking truths, and the beauty of evolving was showcased whether it was forced or not! Many people officially learned how to pray for themselves in 2023.






While there are so many things I could discuss with the number 8, I want to focus on the human PHYSICAL AND TANGIBLE experience in dealing with the 8 vibration here on Earth.

This was all preparing you for the year of the almighty 8, the year of power and influence. Many of the things that were learned in 2023 specifically about people, what you do for work, and who you hold valuable in love, friendship, and family connections were pulled front and center for you to decide on if it was even worth continuing those connections.

8 is the vibration of POWER (personal power), strength, respect, the material world, leadership, MONEY, truth, structure, movement, layoffs, release from stagnation, wealth, bankruptcy, court rulings, inheritance from a long time ago (from past lives), ENERGY to get things done, death and regeneration (shedding old skin), Plutonian energy, the wheel of fortune or the never ending cycle of the wheel (infinity), accountability, and timing.

8 Energy brings balance in all areas of our lives. This may be a time where you reap the benefits of all your hard work and dedication. It is also about healing your idea and relationship with money or the feeling of lack which is a normal human trait to feel and be in. This vibration guides you into your divine purpose. You may find the work you do no longer fulfills you or you may decide it’s time to upgrade yourself to bring in more money. Whatever the case this is a POWERUP year to take those leaps of faith whether you know how you will land or not. This is the year to make ambitious calculated financial decisions in the spectrum of whether or not to file for bankruptcy, buy that house, get married and/or join resources, open a business, re-open a business, change jobs, go back to school, get those certificates, or get more disciplined in something that you have to remain consistent in.

ACCOUNTABILITY – this is a big one in 2024. Everything must be accounted for. There is no way around it.





~Your self-worth in money/coinage/dollars, wellness, and spiritual wellbeing
~An old business idea could be lucrative now.
~Your relationship with money – how do you feel when you see a bill you owe?
~What are your money, investments, and stock market goals?
~What were you doing in 2015? What happened financially for you?
~Will you speak up for yourself if you feel you are owed money?
~What’s valuable to you?
~Health, HEALTH, all things health. Receiving your abundance and harvest while not tending to your health could make it hard for you to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard to accomplish. Don’t be too busy working to make money that you forget to take care of yourself, my dear.
~Do you think you are charging too low for your services?
~Are you due for a raise? Will you ask for that raise? Are you getting paid what you’re worth?
~What money issues keep happening to you?
~Now is the perfect time to break that financial cycle.
~Where do you spend the most of your time? Is it worth it?
~What relationships or connections are a waste of time?
~What relationships or connections bring value to your time?





For children during this year allow them more activities that help them with consistency and balance in staying on task, patience, confidence, and a safe space to communicate their likes, dislikes, foods they like, and people they like or dislike. Get them to communicate what makes them feel relaxed, what gives them anxiety, that family member they don’t vibe with, their favorite luxury items (even if you cannot purchase them at least you have them speaking on it and putting their royal energy in the Universe.) Help them tap into hobbies that they thoroughly enjoy and if you feel it will be helpful, start speaking to them early about money management through allowance from doing appropriate chores. Especially if they are born on 8 days or have a life path number 8. If they say they are bored, give them something to do.




Love is in the air in 2024. Many loving commitments are formed or revisited in 8 years. If you are open to love, be honest about what your requirements are in the beginning. If you are renewing love, a truthful conversation about anything in the past that happened needs to be addressed and not glazed over. Accountability. Illusions in love or holding on to potential could waste your time and time is money.

If you are in a relationship or marriage be careful with being over critical, judgmental, or feeling the need to compete with your person. Speaking to communicate not just to be heard and compromising are also important this year. Don’t be too busy to make those date nights, plan intimate time, and be open to taking romantic trips that also turn into sensual pleasures.

Relationships could be tested and challenged this year in the areas of loyalty, honesty, accountability, money management, money and ego, forgiveness (have you really forgiven or have you suppressed it just to get by). Be honest about this.

Try not to go to bed mad at your person if you can help it. Your subconscious is prosperous and allows you to connect with your person on higher levels when you’re sleeping. You both could heal parts of your connection because you made a safe space before dozing off to sleep!






Blood circulation, heart health, lungs/colds/asthma/smoking/breathing, blood clots, anxiety, overindulgence, don’t skip your doctor’s appointments, body movement, swimming/floating, stretching, effort and consistency

You are worth good health and an excellent circulatory system
You are worth a non-toxic work environment
You are worth a healthy work-life balance
You are worth vacations and breaks from work
You are worth eating foods that nourish your body
You are worth getting regular blood work done
You are worth finding ways to destress yourself
You are worth knowing the minerals and supplements your body is lacking in
You are worth researching your wellness needs and desires
You are worth regular energy healing, massages, gentleness, bliss, all the good things





January – Endings, cleansings, completion, release
February – Newness, take the lead, GO FOR IT
March – Compromise, watch your tone, emotions
April – New hair who dis? Martini Mondays.
May – Get it done watch procrastination
June – Travel travel travel, beach balcony sex, freedom, go with the flow, lucky breaks
July – Marriage? Family and loved ones, get something fixed in the house, home cleanse
August – Deep introspection, sleep, meditate, figure things out
September – LAUNCH! Watch your money, stock market
October – Unfinished business from January
November – New job, new journey, golden lit path, ask for help
December – Be kind to women, who can you depend on? Talk about it.

If your life path number is 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, if you are born on the 8th, 17th, 26th day, or if your name begins with H, Q, or Z you know about this strong potent vibration very well because of out of all the numbers, 8s have many soul driven lessons with currency, money and WORTH. A person with an 8 vibration over time understands the energy of money because it affects them at a soul level. 8s came here to master the energy of leadership, currency, abundance, and CASH! Have you ever had a conversation with an 8 person about money? It’s always an interesting perspective for sure!

Money can be a tough topic to talk about and the 8 vibration brings these kinds of conversations to the forefront to deal with them so that the energy of this particular frequency can find you better without all the confusion of self-worth getting in the way.

Wear pink, roses, burgundies, and burnt reds for an extra razzle dazzle! OK this is long enough! Thank you for reading.

Cheers to a prosperous year!



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