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Academy 107 is here!  


Welcome to Academy 107! This extension of Nichole’s Cosmic Cove houses all of the numerology courses, workshops, and training that will be offered yearly. This is an exciting opportunity to learn more about numerology as well as put the tools you learn to use in your personal and professional lives. I have been studying numerology for over two decades and I want to offer the opportunity to teach and guide you into understanding how to thoroughly put numerology to use for you. The goal is to offer you tools for self-healing, self-analysis, self-awareness, strategic understanding of numerical vibrations and numerical planning, and ultimately how to read others. 


I believe that life is filled with choices and events, some planned and some not. And in knowing this, learning to understand the role that numerology plays in your life to help you as a divine spiritual resource.



I am totally looking forward to connecting!

Now That I Know My Life Path Number, What’s Next?! – JANUARY 3OTH

Use the form below to register for this workshop. REGISTRATION CLOSES 1/28


This is an interactive 2-hour introductory workshop that will cover:


1.  The correct way to calculate your life path number

2.  Honoring your child self through numerology

3.  What your journey on earth specifically means based on your numerical vibration

4.  Tools to use specific to your life path number (health, career, love, etc)

5.  Navigating the personal year vs the universal year and how you can utilize both to your benefit


All attendees will receive a personalized document to use during the workshop before we begin. To register fill out the form below.  Make sure everything is correct.


Once you register and make your investment, the zoom link and other workshop information will be sent to you.

This workshop is about connectedness and the setting will be intimate therefore, seats will be limited


Investment: $50.00

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