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Numerology courses

Academy 107 is here!  


I am excited to announce that I will now be offering numerology training, informational, and enrichment courses!  These courses will guide you into understanding the history of numerology,  how to correctly calculate your numerical vibrations, and how to use this information for the healing of yourself and others. 

The universal NUMERICAL vibration for 2020 is 4

and some will even say 22. For me the zeros have a vibration you cannot ignore. The number zero is extremely powerful because it opens the door to navigate negative numbers among other things. Behind each 2 the zero magnifies the vibration of the 2 and what that does is magnify the vibration of the number sum (4). Let me explain. 

Numerically Speaking

Did I calculate this right?

Of course you didn’t!  I’m kidding. First, the life path number gives you information about your destiny and what you came here to do, learn, and accomplish. It is considered the most important number in your numerology cosmos.



monthly life path number tarot readings will resume in September

These are tarot and oracle card monthly readings for your life path numbers 1 -9 (no double digits or master numbers. These are not numerology readings, but tarot, oracle, and spirit guided messages. It will NOT resonate with everyone, so don’t try and force the message if it ain’t yours, boo! But if it does resonate with you, cheers to receiving your message. I’ll be doing these as long as spirit tells me to so be sure to subscribe to my channel.



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