Summer Walker’s Numerology

If ya’ll only knew how I felt about Summer Walker @summerwalker! Seriously I am a fan, fan. Long live R&B! Summer was born Summer Marjani Walker on 4/11/1996.  She and Keke Palmer have so much in common and I love it, black chocolate girls doing the damn thing in the name of master communication. One time for representation!

Summer’s life path number is 22/4. If you have been reading my blogs for some time you would know how prominent the number 4 is in the industry.  I promise you it feels like they all have 4 energy and it makes sense because you have to have excellent work ethic to survive in the industry just look at Nicki Minaj, Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Drake, PDiddy, Will Smith, Jordan Peele, Kim Kardashian, and the list goes on and on and on.

Summer’s particular 4 is the master building 4. She has two master numbers as her main numerical vibration so she is a true blooming flower with a lot to say and a lot to do in this lifetime and I hope she does it all! She has the ability in this lifetime to build many businesses that thrive because she has the dream team master number combination that helps her connect with people better than most even while journeying through social anxiety. And because she was born on an 11 day, she’s great at communicating to the masses what she is trying to say, clearly! Just like Keke the biggest thing she will have to be careful of is tact and diplomacy and not bringing any unnecessary conflict to her due to miscommunication or cursing a MF out which more than likely had a reason for said cursing out.  But on the flip side it could cause disruptions and delays. It does not help that she is an Aries either chile lol. Major mediation, major grounding, major boundaries against folks that purposely try to push her buttons!

People with 11 energy or 2 energy in general are kind and loving souls but can be misunderstood because they have the gift of sight and their intuition can tell on people often even before they open their mouths and 2 energy can pick up on that immediately. It can make folks uncomfortable being seen in that way. Especially if it is being called out. You can’t hide from the High Priestess, baby! Summer is about justice and balance. When those things are off in her personal life, everyone can feel it. This is why she MUST have people around her that are honest and loyal to a tee!

She is in her personal year of 21/3 (4+11+6). This is her magical year ruled by the planet Jupiter. She literally has to visualize it to manifest it this year. Because she was born in 1996 (25/7) she can do many spiritual things that catapult her vibrationally from the months of 9/30 to 12/30  every year of her life.  This is her time to delve deep into meditation. This is her time to isolate and find new ways to build spiritually. She would do well to have private spiritual retreats during that time. Many would benefit! She can also add sound therapy and frequency healing to her artistry as well! I could go on and on and if you lasted this far in reading this, THANK YOU! It means everything to me.











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