KeKe Palmer’s Numerology

I have not done a celebrity numerology blog in a minute, but I had to write about KeKe Palmer (Lauren Keyana Palmer) because she’s an Earth angel force and her numerical vibrations totally speaks on it!  She was born 8 26, 1993 (8+8+22 =38 3+8= 11) and her life path number is 38/11. She is a master communicator and with the combinations of 3 and 8, she makes her money through creative communication, speaking, collaborations, podcasts, literature, and large platforms where she is heard. She has the same life path number as Michelle Obama and because she was born on an 8 day (26)  she is good at finding ways to make money for herself but primarily for her family and loved ones. She wants her family and friends that are like family to all excel and work as a team. Family means so much to her. She has to be careful of family and loved ones taking too much of her goodness and not replenishing her in return.  She also must be careful of romantic relationships that become more of a financial burden than they need to be. She has to have someone that is of ROYAL status that can protect her in the most loving of ways and when I say protect her I also mean protect her money since she is born on the 26th day. Children love her and often have lots to say to her or have random messages.  Her intuition is always spot on! In tarot she represents the High Priestess and Justice so when she trusts her intuition it brings balance and truth.

Her gut instincts are her superpower.  Her voice is also magical, but can cause major issues without tact and diplomacy.  Basically if she curses you out, or in Will Smith’s (life path 22) situation slaps someone publicly, people will never forget it no matter how good of a person you genuinely are and no matter how much you feel they deserved a good tongue, fist, shank, and car lashing lol. Her tone is something people subconsciously pay attention to so whenever her tone feels off people will think something is wrong even if it’s a slight raise of the voice and nothing at all could be wrong.  Especially since her year of birth = 22. This means from the months of September 30th to December 30th every year she has the opportunity to build a lucrative masterpiece but in turn must choose people to work with that are team players. If not she just might tell you about yourself and take whatever the consequences are!

Her personal year for 2022 happens to be 22!  So this year is her master building year. Perfect year for her to be in the moving “Nope” which I enjoyed and felt she was too good in it! This year from 9/30 to 12/30 could be a huge time for her to launch something that will bring her a great deal of financial abundance and live on long after her. What a time to be alive!

Health wise she has to protect her neurological system, womb space, and digestive system.  If she is open to having children or even adopting, 2023 will be her 23/5 personal year, the vibrations of pregnancy, sex, passion, and creative freeing life decisions.

If Wiki is wrong about her bornday all this shit may be wrong and sorry! lol

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