Your Door

Imagine your door; the color, the size, how the door knob looks, and how you enter. This is your space, the space that holds all over your greatest wishes, hopes, and desires. Imagine how your name looks on the outside of this door. Imagine how good you feel when you get closer to this door. Imagine it as a celebration that is being thrown for you for realizing that your door exists. This door belongs to you only. You are the only one that can enter and inside it are those energies that protect you, guide you, honor you, and love you. You are able to come and go as you please and each time your are divinely protected as you journey back and forth to your fantastic door. Imagine once you are inside your door you are able to gather resources, information, healing that never runs out – an infinite supply of all that is good and grand for you and when you leave you are able to share as you like in the most humble divine way. During this new moon, reclaim your door. Set your intention by your divine and magnificent imagination and watch it all manifest for you.

And so it is.

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