Tupac Shakur’s Numerology

I could not let the day end without posting about Tupac (2Pac) Amaru Shakur. Let me tell you how I did and still do have the most intimate love relationship with him in my head! I know I cannot be the only one. It’s like this mesmerizing need to still make sure he is ok!! Geeze Louise!! Anywho, may he rest/rise well while we celebrate him still, because he was divine!

His life path number was 22/4 and I have talked about this number a great deal, just scroll down and take a look! Will Smith, Sean Combs, Iyanla Vanzant just to name a few share this life path number and you can see one thing they all have in common is they are powerful working folk! I mean these people have put in the work. The number 22 in numerology is considered a master number which means he was a master in working. He was a master builder. Working was something he came to earth to do in a high level way. People with this life path number are visionaries and oftentimes people will think their way of working is just too much or unrealistic. These people will be the first ones to the meeting, and the last ones to leave because they need to know without a doubt that the work is either completed or that it is in good hands to be completed. Anyone that works with a 22 life path number has to be ready to put in real work!

On the flip side, he was born on the 16th day which makes him more like Will Smith (born on the 25th day) than Iyanla or Puff because of the deeply spiritual undertone of the number 7 (1 + 6 = 7). Hope I didn’t lose you! So this means that 2Pac worked super hard but was also super spiritual and because the 16 number is a spiritual number that seeks love more than anything, he may have often battled the need for love, vs the need for work. Such a weird space to be in because of the persona he had, but it was evident that he was passionate about love in the way he spoke about the issues of the world. The number 16 craves love in the deepest way because even though the tone of this number is spiritual, it also has the vibration of feeling there is not enough love for them. So they have to have people around them that don’t make them think or feel that they are hard to love.

I pray in the spiritual realm or wherever his soul may be that the knows what true love is and that his work on the Earth plane will always be remembered! And if wiki is wrong all this shit is wrong. Cheers

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