Xscape and their Numerology

Read about Xscape and their Numerology


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The group Xscape is easily one of my favorite groups growing up in the 90s and in this compilation of groups and their numerology I am excited to write about their compatibility numerology. 

Disclaimer: I believe compatibility is what you make it and ultimately every vibration should be able to connect in loving ways because we are always evolving, growing, learning, shifting point of views and healing. But I do understand that some vibrations connect better with others or have harder times connecting. It’s a way of life. So let’s get into it! 

Xscape began in 1991 which is the vibration of 2. The number two is about team building, cooperation, tribe building, tact, diplomacy, communication, broadcasting, podcasts, blogs, team work, emotional communication, sensitive energy, and moving forward with some of  the new things that happened in 1990.

Kandi was born 5/17/1976 with a life path number of 18/9 and personal year of 20/2. 2023 for Kandi is about cooperation, team work, team building, tact, diplomacy, and not necessarily taking the lead but being open to the ideas of others (which can be difficult for someone with her numerical vibrations), emotional intelligence, and honestly just taking it easy. 2 energy personally is one of the toughest years for me because I find I have to bite my tongue a lot and because Kandi is born on a 17 day, I KNOW that is hard for her to do, especially if it is about money because one thing about someone who has 17 energy, do not mess with their money and do not try and do any shady money business. Money issues affect Kandi at a soul level so she came here to be very good at handling money and she also has previous lifetimes to thank for her learning how to handle money well in this lifetime. Many people have a hard time dealing  with people who have 17/8 energy because people get weird about money talk, contacts, money owed, etc. It’s a power number with big influence on understanding wealth and leadership. It’s like you might think she is calling you broke if your money ideas and work ethic are not up to par. You can’t be sensitive about money around, Kandi. Her life path number is 18/9 so she’s constantly renewing her life and the people in her life. There are many endings that happen with Kandi because she’s consistently preparing for new beginnings, new opportunities, new situations which means that old stagnant energy won’t be able to live in her energy long. Kandi is a humanitarian as well as a mirror image for the people that she comes in contact with because the number 9 equals any number it is added to. For example 9 +1 = 10 1+0 = 1 or 9+3 = 12 1+2 = 3. The 9 vibration is super duper powerful, strong, and holds all the other numbers up because of this. 

My advice for Kandi for 2023 is to move in silence, move in grace, watch her tone, don’t run to every fight because 2 energy represents being kind to women even when you don’t want to, don’t say everything publicly, and operate as the High Priestess with a high level of intuition and privacy. 

LaTocha was born 10/2/1973 and her life path number is 5. 5 is the number of constant changes. People with 5 energy have to travel, take flight to experience new people, situations, and things in life. They cannot be boxed in ever. They do not do well in repetitive situations unless they feel good, creative, aroused, safe or they become addicted to them like people, places, things, foods, sex, substances, or just addicted to change. LaTocha is unpredictable which works in her favor because she is not afraid of risks. She will want to do the things most will be afraid to do. The key is proper planning which 5 energy may struggle with because plans can fall through. But a great plan with consistent work ethic will go a long way for her. LaTocha much like Tiny are both highly sexual and may struggle with what true sensuality and true feminine beauty means to them. They both get to be gentle with themselves as they take this life long journey on learning about their sacred femininity and HONORING IT. It’s not only euphoric but extremely healing. Tiny has the most in coming with LaTocha and her sister Tamika which makes Tiny probably more of a neutral energy and safe space in the group. With LaTocha, Tiny has the 5 energy (read more below about Tiny and Tamika) in common and they could both work together to build something that heals women, especially as it pertains to womb healing, sexual healing, childbirth, sexual trauma, and being a girl teen in the industry. LaTocha being born on a 2 day makes her passive which means she might not say everything she means right away. She has to be careful of this because it could  breed passive aggressiveness, confusion, and misunderstandings in communication. 2023 is a 10/1 year for LaTocha so she completed a 9 year cycle last year. She also had a lot of purging that she did last year like Tiny and her sister Tamika. This year marks her new beginning and she gets to be wise about how she uses this new energy because it will set the tone for the next 9 years. 

Tameka (Tiny) was born on 7/14/1975 and Tamika Scott was born 11/19/1975 and they both have the same life path number 34/7,the same cornerstone T, the same year of birth, both born on karmic debts number days 14 and 19, and the same personal year 19/1. These two have a great deal in common! Their personal years will always be the same.This means each year of their lives has a parallel vibrational connection. The year they are born means that they both have an opportunity to master build businesses because 1975 = 22.  In 1991 when Xscape was founded, Tiny and Tamika, whether they knew it or not needed each other and were practically going through similar things with being a teenager, the changes that come with being 16 and new in the industry. Last year they both completed a 9 year cycle of purging, releasing, cleansing, and healing. 2023 represents a new beginning so essentially they both graduated to a new 9 year journey and what they do in 2023 will set the tone for the next 9 years. Because their life path numbers are 34/7 they are highly spiritual, highly intuitive, and should be balancing their crown chakras often to keep people from getting in their head space or thinking thoughts that are not their own. Meditation, lots of sleep, and time with self. Being a group or even a celebrity can be difficult with this life path number because you can’t disappear as often as you would like. This is why it is important to take scheduled breaks ALONE or vacations to rejuvenate their mind, body, and spirit, alone. Tiny was born on a 14 day, a karmic debt number that speaks on addictions in a previous lifetime so in this lifetime she came here to learn about how to beat addiction and how to go with the flow of life better. The14 vibration makes her prone to more change than all the other members. She is also highly sexual. Being sexy and sensual is important to her. The 14 vibration does well when you don’t seek validation from anyone about your femininity and sensuality. She has to also be very careful with overindulgence in food, drugs, sex, people,sexual secrets and addictions. Tiny is a Cancer so she will finally be free of Pluto’s grasp in January 2024. Pluto has been wreaking havoc in all Cancer’s lives since 2008! So cheers to her for not only embarking on a new beginning this year but also going through several spiritual deaths and regeneration for the past 15 years. Tamika is born on a 19 day, another karmic debt number. This means that in a previous lifetime she either did not take the lead in her life, or she took too much lead with lack of diplomacy. In this lifetime she came here to take the lead with tact, to ask for help when she needs it because she NEVER asks for help, to build big business, and to choose her team wisely so as to not make more work for herself. She has to be careful with saying things she does not mean because she manifests very easily. If Tiny and Tamika were truly interested, they could build something super big together that would live on long after them other than the group dynamic because their frequencies are very close to each other.

My advice for LaTocha, Tamika, and Tiny is to look back on what you were doing in 2014 and see what new beginnings were happenings for you then, how did you deal with them, what deeply spiritual things happened for you and how will you use what you learned in 2014 in 2023.









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