The Numerology of May 2023

Welcome to the May 2023

Shine bright like a diamond!


May’s numerical frequency this year is 12/3. You may feel like a veil is lifting because 3 energy is about hopeful celebrations, creative victories, social times, beauty, makeovers, photoshoots, travel, public speaking, podcasts, delicious food, brunch, mimosas, dancing, tacos lol. This particular 3 combination piggybacks off of the energy of April because of that 2 in the 12. Last month was a sensitive and emotional vibe that was about tact, diplomacy, delivery, and who is really a part of your personal, professional, social, or romantic tribe. May is a celebration of you. This month, celebrate yourself. Celebrate your tribe and the ones that you know without a doubt have your best interest at heart. April’s energy was heavy, especially if you had to make some tough decisions about a loved one or people in your life. In May you may still be dealing with that especially since most of May is in Mercury retrograde and there was a lunar eclipse on the 5th of May. Lunar eclipses tend to shake up things causing big changes that you may not have had the courage to do on your own and sometimes things are eclipsed out of your life so that you can begin enjoying life!
In May, if you are a business owner, change up your branding and step out of your comfort zone. Change up your own look a little and don’t be afraid to show out! Do some mirror manifestations. Stand in front of a mirror and tell yourself a wealth of sweet and loving things without judgement. Travel is a big one this month. If you can travel, take a leap and really enjoy it. ENJOY IT. Indulge responsibly because you deserve it! Sign up for a dance class or something different to get your body moving. If you like, get a journal and call it your feel-good journal and write about all the good things happening in your life daily. Laugh. Deep good hearty laughter. Especially if you found yourself crying a lot in April. If you are born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, or 30th day, if your life path number is any of these numbers or your name begins with C, L, or U remember to watch how critical you are of yourself. Protect your nervous system. Breathe through anxiety and try your very best not to let the thoughts of others deter you from shining. Be careful about being baited into gossip and remember that laughter is your medicine.
For my magical folks, Thursdays this month are excellent for manifesting money and lucky breaks. Thursday is ruled by the expansive and gift giving planet of juicy Jupiter. And the number 3 is also ruled by Jupiter.
The 12/3 energy of May at the root is just an all-around feel-good energy. So, as we navigate the month, make a conscious effort to bring some enjoyment in your life. If you feel all you do is work, try and take some breaks to enjoy some of your favorite things. Try to be present as often as you can and acknowledge how good you feel when you feel good, saying it out loud letting the Universe know – “yeah more of this please”.
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