The Numerology of April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023

Choosing your tribe wisely is also a part of self-love ~ Renuka Pitre


The vibration for April 2023 is 11/2. 11 is the master number of communication, diplomacy, and team building and love. 2 energy is soft and sensitive at the root because its natural habitat is to connect. It represents your intuition, the womb space, abdomen, or sacral chakra where intuition lives. During this month, you may feel more sensitive than normal, especially if it’s dealing with people you work with or connections you feel are a part of your tribe. April shines a bright beaming light on your connections this month. You may find that you are taking more notice of people that are a part of your tribe and if their purpose still serves you or if your intuition is telling you to remove these connections.


if you feel you have found your folks here on Earth. It’s a beautiful thing to have a safe space in your connections. March 2023 marked the beginning of a new cycle and you may have formed new alliances and connections in March only to realize in this month that it’s either a perfect connection or is not quite working for you. Remember we are in a 7 universal year for the world so many people are finding out about secrets people close to them have held for whatever reason. This is because as much as you feel you may know a person you will only know them from your perspective as a character in your story and this is why your intuition, gut instincts, and personal mind power are very important. In 2 energy your High Priestess/Priest energy is at an all time high so don’t ignore how you feel. It’s all about the feels for the 2s.

The mighty 2 is also about duality. Another reason this vibration is considered the more emotional one is because it is the first number to bring other energy to the mix. Going from 0 to 1 and now 2 means that trust and human interaction with people other than yourself are to be considered. Your tone, how you communicate, how you sit back and observe, how you listen to others,and even how you disagree with something this month could be scrutinized. So remember kindness goes A LONG WAY, especially kindness to women. Two energy also alerts you on who you can depend on. This month you could find out who you can actually rely on and/or those who would leave you fa dead!
You could find out who has true empathy and understanding for you and those that just act like they are showing you they care. You could find out who lies to you, lies about you, sticks up for you, and/or speaks the truth to you. You could find out who is communicating your business to others and those that choose not to engage in speaking on your business without you being in the room – integrity. My advice is to not ignore any of this. Two energy could bring in those that woo you with flattery, love bombs you to manipulate you, compliments you in backhanded ways, or just wants to be you because two energy is also twin energy. Two energy to me is the biggest snitch on folks in your life because it represents the high priest/priestess in you. Nothing intuitively is getting past the high priestess. The key is understanding the difference between delusions, illusions, and false messages.
Another piece of advice I have is to remember how people treated you in March 2023 vs how they treat you now because the 1 energy of March may have ushered in people that all of a sudden want to be close to you, work with you, collaborate with you, only for them to show you their true colors now in April. Or it could be in March you noticed who not to bring into your new beginnings because March was about new beginnings and so now in April they are trying to come back into your life to connect. Pay attention to these weird red flags and remember who your true tribe is. Sometimes the only tribe you have is yourself because you are learning how to put yourself first. Remember you have your higher self and your Ancestors. You have to be honest with yourself and to open your eyes and perspectives.
Pay attention to the patterns. When you hear from a person are they only speaking to you to gossip or are they pouring into your soul – a serious question to ask yourself. If you find you are confused on how people move in your life, social media is a good indication of this. All you have to do is be gentle with yourself, don’t judge yourself, and sit back and watch. When you hear from a person are they truly invested in your wellbeing or are they recruiting you for something else they have not told you about – manipulation. 2 energy is loving energy. This month is the perfect time to manifest connections in your life that are for you and to your highest good.
Affirm: I cast the burden of any and all illusions, delusions, confusion, and false messages on building my tribe on the God and Goddess within and I go free. Free of any illusions, delusions, confusion, and false messages in building my tribe in any reality, location, and dimensions in which I exist, have existed, or will exist. Ase!
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