Soulja Boy’s Numerology

Soulja Boy do you know about your numerology?

Numerologyyyy?? ??

Of course I had to! I had to do Soulja Boy’s numerology. I am just so fascinated with anyone that can take an idea and make it bigger than anything ever done over and over again. It’s not easy, yet he makes it look easy. Let me tell you how if you want to know how much power social media really has, follow Soulja Boy’s success from the beginning. For someone as young as he was and still is to have worked with so many folks, still making new/old connections, calling folks out with receipts only to be successful with that as well is quite fantastic to me.

So let’s get into it – his bornday is 7/28/1990 and his life path number is 9 no double digit. But let me first focus on his day of birth which is probably the reason why he will always be successful. 28/1 is the vibration of the inventor and the beginner – the natural leader – the trend setter, but not just any kind of inventor. It is the inventor that solely invents to make money with an awesome team (believe it or not, money is not important to many number 1s which I find so interesting) to give back only to make more money. He is very generous with his ideas and his money but it’s because he constantly has new ideas that he knows will be lucrative so he is not worried if one idea does not work because his mind uploads MANY – it’s rather spiritual for him actually. This is why it will be important for him to have a clear mind as to not miss the important messages for the next steps of his life in 2019. One of the best things about the combination of 28/1 is that even though it is a super domineering number, the 2 in this combination makes him relatable/lovable – like Barack and Michelle Obama. How fantastic is that?

Ok so being that 9 is his life path number he will always have lots of people in and out of his life. This is probably the toughest part for him. This is the last number of the cycle so he is always having to reinvent himself and because his day of birth is 28/1 there could be a battle of when to let something/someone go or not. The reason why it is so important for him NOT to hold on to situations and people or things that have no place in his energy any more is because it causes blockages like an impacted colon! And it will no doubt keep newness from coming like it should. So Soulja Boy, let stuff go that is no longer serving you OFTEN and be open to revisiting old unresolved situations to see how you can officially make peace with it to make more room for new stuff. This will be especially important between the months of September 30th to December 30th of every year because he is born in 1990. He has to remember to ask for help when he needs it – can’t do it all on your own and to remember those times when he was good at choosing his team so that he can begin to do that all over again!

To make the most out of this year he should be exploring new business ventures that will allow him to communicate with a new set of people differently – like writing a book of his life or like an audio book or maybe even some off the wall motivational hood meditation book or doing something to label him as a humanitarian, which is what he is! Cheers to that “from ground up” kind of success!

OH and if Wiki was wrong about his bornday, throw the whole blog away!

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