R. Kelly and his numerology

Before I begin this blog about R. Kelly’s numerology


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Kelly – Robert Sylvester Kelly was born on January 8, 1967 and his life path number is 14/5. This number is considered a karmic debt number in numerology which means that in a previous lifetime there was an abuse and overindulgence of drugs, sex, food, alcohol, and/or people as well as addictions to these things. So there was some sort of karmic contract to learn valuable lessons in this lifetime to heal his soul. And if not learned, the soul would go on to repeat it again until learned.

NOTE: See the previous blog I wrote about Offset with more information about 14/5 – https://nicholescosmiccove.com/numerology/offset-numerology/

The vibration 14/5 is the number of addiction so at a young age, the parents or caretakers of 14/5 children must take the lead in the most loving, honorable, and informative way to educate about sex, consent, overindulgence, what inappropriate touching is, and how to deal with their sexual feelings even if it is embarrassing. If there is trauma at a young age and it is not mentally dealt with, the karmic debt energy will manifest with more opportunities to aid the addiction. In R. Kelly’s case his known addiction is sex, but there could be others. Not only is R. Kelly’s life path number 14/5 but his beginning triple cycle – year he is born is 1967 = 23/5 so from the months of September 30th to December 30th of every year of his life, his addiction to sex will be high and he will be more prone to overindulge in extreme and/or illegal sexual urges by any means.

Being that he is born on an 8 day money and power are very important to him so he probably learned how to make money sexually with either offering ways for others to have sex with young girls and women or a way to profit off of the exploitation of young girls which is why I suspect many in the industry and higher ups still support him. He also knows that sex sells and is a billions dollar business. And of course using money to pay off some of the families of the victims. I am sure R. Kelly has a lot of information with some of your faves doing what he has done and more.

Kelly is a predator of the worst kind and his crimes, abuse, and addictions thrive because he knows that young black girls are often forgotten, sold by family members, ignored, and alone. Regardless of your stance on R. Kelly, his numerology does not lie and shows all of the signs of what a negative 14/5 looks like.

Maybe now that this is in the forefront again, real dialogue about how sexual predators in black families, churches, etc. are continuously swept under the rug can happen on a universal level. Maybe this is an open door for young black girls to have a true voice about this and a real understanding about what a sexual predator and the manipulation that comes with it all really is. Maybe this is a new start on moms believing their daughters, protecting their daughters, and educating their daughters.

Sending light. 

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