Numerology of Juneteenth

Before this glorious day ends, I had to write a blog on the numerology and significance of the Juneteenth celebration day and year of June 19,1865. Even though December 6,1865 was the day slavery was abolished in the constitution, the announcing of the ending of slavery in Galveston proclaiming that all slaves were free is the date I would like to focus on. Primarily because it is the date of the celebration.

First I would like to speak on the personal year of Juneteenth (6/19/2020) before I get into the full vibration (6/19/1865)

1865 was a great year! It was also the universal year of the 2; 20 (1+8+6+5 = 20) to be exact which I found fitting because the personal year of Juneteenth in 2020 is 11/2 (2020=4 19=10=1 6 =6 so 4+1+6 = 11). 11 is the master number of high vibrational communication. This means this year is about taking leadership in how Juneteenth is communicated to the masses. The entire world would know about Juneteenth if you already did not, not only because it’s important to know but because those two ones (11) are gone make sure you know and it will be in the forefront of the media because that is what one energy does. Also, because 11 = 2 it will literally force people to work together to understand how important Juneteenth is. How fantastic is that? Right on time!  I know 1865 had all kinds of folks kicking and screaming because it was a year of compromise, teamwork, and learning different perspectives. And let’s be real, humans struggle with that! So I commend the pioneers of 1865 for choosing compromise which is what 20 energy is.


Ok so let’s get into the numerology of the actual date 6/19/1865. The numerical vibration is 9. WOW! I speak and write a lot about 9 energy because it is collectively fantastic. 9 is powerful! 9 is the mirror image of all the other numbers.

9 is the number of humans, humanitarian efforts and growth! 9 is about completion. 9 is THE worldly number. 9 is the ending of a cycle that shows you who you are after you have gone through all the other numbers in your journey. 9 is the number of endings! Slavery had to go! And for this to be it’s numerical vibration, it tells the story of purging, releasing, and making room for new. Which leads me to the number “19”. 19 is a 1 vibration. It is a special kind of 1 because it comes with karmic debt. So this is saying the independence was not easy and the celebration is not only warranted because shit it marks the end of slavery, but also because the collective had to ask for help to make this happen! If you know anyone born on a 19 day or that has a 19 life path number, you know they will try to do all that shit on their own, but when they ask for help when they need it, life is smoother and the energy flows. The reason is because karmically that number is about healing the fear of asking for help. EXHALE. AND WOW.

So for 9 to be the vibration of Juneteenth, I find that divinely and vibrationally perfect. Freedom for humans! Freedom for the enslaved. Making room for newness and purging what is no longer serving the collective.

Cheers to all of that.

Thank you for reading!


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