Numerology of 2020

The universal vibration for 2020 is 4 and some will even say 22. For me the zeros have a vibration you cannot ignore. The number zero is extremely powerful because it opens the door to navigate negative numbers among other things. Behind each 2 the zero magnifies the vibration of the 2 and what that does is magnify the vibration of the number sum (4). Let me explain. The number 2 is a highly sensitive vibration because it deals with duality and balance. The zero behind each two makes it possible for you to see where the 2 energy is lacking and because the sum of the year equals 4 – the things that are lacking will be the things you have to put your work in this year. Keep in mind this is on a universal level so it will be different for everyone. Knowing your life path number or even your personal year vibration helps with knowing more about your 2020.

What the universal 2020 energy is basically saying is that you will have to put in real work to keep balance with the people you choose to work with or deal with on a regular basis and to choose your team wisely. 2018 was a taste of what 2020 is. This entire year is about getting to the core of each detailed part of your life and examining what is working and what is not and then putting in the work (no half-assed work but real work) to bring balance.

This will require many of us to take the back seat out of the grasp of others to reevaluate life while asking yourself some real questions. What is making your life harder than its supposed to be? How can you find better ways of working smarter? What is draining your energy and how do you plan on putting in the work to get your energy back? Spirit guides, elevated ancestors, those that love and protect me in the spirit realm, how can I make my life easier? Show me the way.

Tend to your health. Put in the work for your health.

Find ways to work smarter and find out what you are spending too much unnecessary time on and make some changes.

Tact. TACT. TACT. Diplomacy. Watch your tongue. I promise going off instead of thinking before you speak will make more unnecessary work for you and cause more delays.

Ok that’s all I got for now. Thanks for reading. Cheers.

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