Nicki Minaj’s Numerology

So let’s get into the birthday girl, Nicki’s numerology. She is born 12/8/1982 and her life path number is 13/4! The same as Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Drake, Kim Kardashian, and a slew others. So if you can imagine the work ethic of those powerhouses, Nicki is right up there with the best of them. The key with this life path number is overcoming procrastination so that you can reach levels of progress through working your MF ass off. This year Nicki was in her personal year of 22/4 which is a master number is building something that will live on long after you as to not have to work as hard as you have in the previous years. This year was tough because anytime you have a life path number that equals your personal year, you can feel that vibration and its purpose even higher and she happens to have the life path number and personal year number of WORK! Nicki had no choice but to put in serious work or get in her own way of success.

Being that Nicki is born on an 8 day, she is SERIOUS about her money. I know you’re probably saying we’re all serious about our money and yes you are right, but when you are dealing with someone that is born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th day or a person with an 8, 17, 35, 44, or 53 life path number when you mess with their money, you are messing with their soul! Yes it is that deep. And let me tell you how if you are a woman with this type of vibration, people will always think you are too hard to deal with or that you are too masculine, full of negative ego, and addicted to power – which many men in the industry are – but when you have a powerful woman who stands up for herself and does not mind telling you how she truly feels that’s only 5’2 and about her coins, this will be problematic.

Nicki being a 13/4 life path makes her a stickler for detail. There are no shortcuts with her or easy ways to make things happen or quick get rich schemes. It is do or die. Either you put in the work or get the fuck on – there really is no middle ground with this. She will always be able to pinpoint motives simply based on poor work ethic and nothing will piss her off more than someone that is lazy or someone stealing her money or keeping her from making her money. One of the biggest things she will have to guard against is negative ego reflection and the need for unhealthy power.

Also because she is born on an 8 day, she is generous because 8 energy is about all things money so the more she gives the more it returns to her because she came here to make money, spend money, give money, make more money and because it is her day of birth she is good at it because the day you’re born is about what you are good at – with lessons but not as much as it would be with your life path number.

This year Nicki did exactly what she was supposed to do, step deeper into that number 4 energy and get it done. My advice to Nicki if you happen to read this is to use the reset of the year to tend to your health (physical, mental, and spiritual) because often times people with these numerical vibrations work so much that they forget to take time to see what is going on in their bodies on all levels. Cheers to financial prosperity, success from hard work and dedication, getting it done and reaping massive benefits!

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