Michelle Obama’s Numerology

I have this extreme respect and love for Michelle Obama. I can remember seeing her for the first time on TV and thinking, WOW she is truly a beauty and she has deep brown skin and she looks so regal and how can I find out more about her! I remember feeling this huge emotion of seeing this gorgeous, intelligent black woman representing with this diplomatic, and powerful approach.

Michelle Obama’s life path number happens to be 11/2 (master number) and she is born on the 17th day of January. So in numerology, the day you are born is considered what you are good at, and as a rule in our humanness remember that being good at something still requires you to understand the lessons you learn along the way. So her day of birth being 17/8 means that she is good with money and she has a good understanding on how to make money in a way that is healing for herself and those around her. I happen to be a bit biased as my life path number is 17/8 but with more of an understanding of the ups and downs that come with this number. Anyone that has a life path number of 8 (8, 17, 26, 35, 55, 53) or are born on 8 days (8, 17, 26) know what it means to hit the bottom financially only to rise even higher financially after each lesson. It is fascinating and scary at the same time but the 8 vibration came here rise and rise again financially to give and give financially only to rise and rise again financially.

Being that Michelle’s entire life path number is 11/2 she has away of making money work for her because she doesn’t mind letting others be in the limelight while she works behind the scenes to bring in success after success. This is a part of this master number that is so beautiful to me. Now this does not means she is never in the limelight, but trust, the majority of what she has her hand in you will never know because it is not important for everyone to know her direct role and she is content with that. She knows how to choose her team and the power of her day of birth being 17/8 makes her even more of a visionary to help her team see why she makes the choices she does, which makes it easier to follow suit; the mark of a true leader indeed!

Her tact and diplomacy when she speaks makes it easy and open for most to relate to her (even if they don’t want to) because she is genuinely working to connect with you and her goal is to be able to communicate with anyone that comes in contact with her in a way that allows you to truly hear where she is coming from. I find that to be an amazing gift that most people with 11/2 life path numbers have and because 11 is a master number, it is even more elevated. Other 2s find it more difficult to be tactful like those born on 2 days or with life path numbers 2 (2, 20) ie. Kanye West having a life path number of 20/2 but also being born on an 8 day like Michelle. But to Kanye’s defense, he is a Gemini and Geminis often have issues with communication delivery that does not completely match what they meant to say. But that is a whole “nother” blog!

So much love Michelle Obama is and may she continuously be divinely blessed! Now if wikipedia is wrong about her born day, all this shit is wrong. Cheers! 

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