Megan Thee Stallion and her numerology

Wow!  What a fantastic, interesting, drama-filled, prosperous YEAR @theestallion has had thus far.


Let’s get into her numerology on this good day of Thanksgiving!  


Megan Jovon Ruth Pete aka Megan Thee Stallion Aka Hot Girl Meg Aka Young Tina Snow was born February 15, 1995.  First just let me say, Megan loves love and she loves family. Being born on the 15th day is an indication of how big her heart is!  She likes her home to be filled with family and friends that are like family. Because of her 15th day of birth vibration she is more prone to helping friends and family than turning them away. With her having the profession she does, she more than ever has to use a strict level of discernment on her need to help and save. But the epiphany is, the number 15 has a 5 in it. So there will always be changes in her love and family relationships and her perspective will have to see the blessings in those changes ALWAYS. How she chooses to go with the flow of these changes is key. On the outside looking in, it could look like chaos, but in all actuality it’s falling in place for the next leg of the journey. Addiction to people should be heavily guarded and regulated for this reason and this is why discernment is EXTREMELY important. This is the same with romantic love relationships. Addiction to chaos in love as a means to prove how real the love is must also be dealt with a level of care. Her partners will need to understand her need for freedom in love and not try and tie her down but rather flow with her. Cardi and Megan have this in common. Cardi’s life path number is 15/6.


Megan’s life path number is 14/5. More 5 energy!  Megan can never fit into a box. She will always be able to break free and fly to her own tune.  Freedom is one of the most important things to her. Number 5 is the number of many changes, freedom, sexual communication, sexual freedom, indulgence, travel, addictions, lucky gambles, not so lucky gambles, orgasmic healing, adventure, creative expression and FUN. Her particular 5 combination of 14/5 is a karmic debt number. This means that in a previous lifetime there were battles of addiction and excessive needs for freedom, so in this lifetime she came to learn how to heal from addictions of all kinds and how to not run from obligations because of her need for freedom. The 4 vibration in the 14/5 combination of her life path number helps bring her great success and ultimately grounding in this lifetime because that vibration pushes her to get the job done. This is why Beyonce, Stacy Abrams just to name a couple with this life path number are able to successfully flow with this karmic debt. But it’s not easy at all. Overindulgence after successfully completing difficult tasks is something Megan must be careful of and she has to surround herself with people that won’t enable her into going down that path because it will be difficult to pull herself out of that. The beautiful things about karmic debt vibrations is that each time you honor the lesson, blessings swiftly find you! True story. So keep it up, Megan!


Megan is in her 12/3 personal year! The number 3 vibration is about being seen!  And boy was she seen this year! 3 energy highlights the charm and charisma of a person. You are more attractive to people even if they are not physically attracted to you. It is about the energy of the person and the energetic vibrations surrounding them. This is why it is great to launch a business, do podcasts, creative communication, finding ways to make passive income, and putting yourself in positions where many people are sure to notice you. This is the social butterfly number. On the flipside this is a heavy gossip vibration and even the most innocent of gossip can turn into a shit storm of miscommunication. This vibration also brings a level of jealousy and envy oftentimes from those closest to you. People born on 3, 12, 21, 30 days or with life path numbers that equal 3 know EXACTLY what I am speaking on. This year with all of it grand attractive energy also shined a bright light on secret enemies. The affirmations, I remember who I am, I am worth more than my weight in gold, I am worth more than the envy of my enemies, and I am stronger than any jealous energy thrown my way are great to say in situations like this. 


The personal month she is in right now for November 2020 is 14/5 a mirror of her life path number so this was a month of many changes for her, but December 2020 is her 15/6 month which mirrors her day of birth. So these two months will be reflections of patterns in her life to pinpoint exactly where the personal and self care work needs to be done. For December she MUST use discernment with her family and friends that are like family and practice boundaries while still being a beacon of love! More people close to her will need her in a big way in December. My advice is to be there, but don’t exhaust yourself. Know when to give advice without being gossipy and know when just to listen. There may be new opportunities for love and romance as well and my advice is to tell NO ONE. The gossip alone could put a stop to a beautiful thing before it even starts.


 2021 is a HUGE work year for Megan. If you thought you worked hard this year, 2021 will be triple that! So my last bit of advice is to prepare NOW. Self-discipline will be a challenge because of the 14/5 life path number. So plan your strategy for your work life, health life, and personal life. Be real clear on how this looks. Be especially organized in health and wellness!


And lastly, if wiki was wrong about her bornday, all this SHIT is wrong. Throw the whole blog away.




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