Life Path Vs Day of Birth

In numerology there is a difference between your life path number which is your entire birthday added up and your day of birth. When I am talking to people about numerology they will often ask “what does my number mean, I am a 15?” But what they are referring to is the day of birth. There is a distinct difference between the life path number and you day of birth.

The day of birth represents what you are good at and your life path number is your destiny and what you came here to do and learn. So if you are born on the 15th you are good at loving. You are a natural lover and love means a great deal to you. You are good at being a matriarch to your family and you are good with being needed. You are good at understanding what love means for you and for those close to you. You just have to be careful with being taken advantage of because of how freely you are able to love. There are some that take people that are easy to give love as weak which is very far from the truth.

Another example of this is Oprah. I LOVE using Oprah as an example because her numbers have a noticeable difference and so many people know her so it makes it easier to see how these numerical characteristics unfold for her. So Oprah’s entire life path number is 13. She came here to work and build in a huge way, but she also came here to overcome the dark hole of procrastination and inconsistencies. However her day of birth is 29 and 2+9 = 11 which is a master number of communication. She is GOOD at communicating, speaking, compromising, taking the back seat, team-work, empathy, and tact. To me this is a great combination to have because 13  is all about work and it can be an uphill battle for 13 specifically because it is a karmic debt number so that means in a past life there was an abuse of work or lack of working, taking credit for work you didn’t do, or your soul karmically wanted to come here to heal how you work but the 11 day of birth softens this and provides an understanding of connectedness that a number 13 life path number gets to have as an internal push to getting things done in a team type proactive and diligent way!

Even though the day of birth showcases what you are good at, you still have to understand the characteristics of that number – the good and the bad. In order to focus on what you are good at, you have to also focus on the positive and negative aspects of that number to continue to rise to the occasion. Being good at something means that you become better with the more lessons you learn.

I recently did a wine & numerology workshop and I enjoyed explaining the difference in person because of the comparisons that I could make with folks that had similar life path numbers and days of birth. It was nice to see them able to connect and equally be able to understand the differences between them both!

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