Lena Waithe’s Numerology

Let’s speak about the power house that is Lena Waithe @lenawaithe . I would not be me if I did not do her numerology so here it goes! I was totally blown away by her numbers but it is not surprising. First she is born on the 17th day of May. In numerology the day you are born is considered what you are good at and she is good at making money and bringing in financial prosperity by way of healing. I was pretty amazed to see that not only is she born on a 17/8 day but her entire life path number is 35/8 which means that she has the ability to bring in a great deal of abundance to her life that will live on well after her by means of creative writing, creative speaking, and creative engaging.

With the 35/8 life path number she will need to be careful of overindulgence and overspending and she will have to make sure to have a good financial manager/accountant.8s in general have the MOST ups and down with money, more than any other life path number, but with every low comes an even higher high! True story! 8s are the only numerical vibration that can lose all their money several times and come up like it was never lost and leave people wondering how they did it because they made it look easy even though there was NOTHING easy about it.

She did not come to Earth to play any games with you folks. She came here to show what she knows in a healing way to also make money for her to give back in a creative way.

How awesome is that!?

So then check this out, the year she is born =s 22/4. If you remember I talked about this with DJ Khaled and TPain being born in years that equal 22/4 but 22/4 is also Diddy’s born year, Will Smith’s life path number, and Iyanla’s life path number.

For Lena, this means not only is she a hard worker, but from the months of September 30th to December 30th for the rest of her life she has the ability to master build a masterpiece and launch it between these months for optimal success. Cheers to allladat!!!

Disclaimer: If Wiki is wrong all this shit is wrong! 

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