Khloe Kardashian’s Numerology

So I wanted to look into Khloe Kardashian’s numerology one – because out of the sisters she’s my first favorite, next to Kylie. She’s my fav probably because I have a bias for June Cancers as I feel we are the best and Kylie because we share the same life path number 17/8 but we will talk about her another time. This blog is about Khloe. Khloe’s birthday is 6/27/1984.

Khloe’s life path number is 37/1 so off the bat she is loner. She usually may feel alone even though she is surrounded by people and because there is a 3 in her life path number she has lots of folks that are around her that are not helpful, so she would just rather do it all alone which makes her more of an introvert that tries super hard to be a situational extrovert. She is also very spiritual, much like Kylie. She is a natural leader and is super inventive. Her bright ideas are usually gold.

Her day of birth is 27/9. This is the number of constant endings that have deep spiritual meanings attached to them. At a young age she probably learned about the law of detachment. The number 9 has many people in and out of their lives because they are the humanitarian. It is the vibration that holds all the other numbers up. It is a heavy number. Those that come in to her life that she keeps have to be gentle with her and understand her need for constant evaluation because truthfully she has to analyze all her friendships and relationships almost yearly/monthly to see if its worth keeping them around and that can cause issues. She has to have constant reassurance that those people want to stay as well.

So this brings me to her personal year. She is in her 18/9 personal year. She is used to 9 energy but it will be heightened this year because of her day of birth 27/9 so she will have to take care of her health and wellness more than she ever has. Because this is the number of endings, she will have to let go of people, things, and situations that are no longer serving her. She will have to take a real trip down memory lane of the last 8 years and pay attention to all the things that were hidden, that are no longer hidden and make some real decisions about what she will bring into her brand new number 1 year in 2020. Because this is the number of endings she MUST surround herself with people that really love her and not self medicate to escape because of the heaviness of the energy. Travel, travel, travel, and travel. She has to travel this year and not for work, but for spiritual enlightenment and guidance. Not the superficial kind, but the deep soul past life time type healing.

She has to ask for help when she needs it, something she does not like to do with her life path number being 37/1. And from the months of September 30th – December 30th she will have to work VERY hard to keep her cool as this will be the time where the most work will be placed in front of her. The amazing thing about 9 energy tho is that people will always remember them and what they have done for them and come to their aid when they need it and it is the number of inheritance. Not just material, but spiritual. For Khloe, 2019 will be the year for making room for the new. #cheers to making room for newness. If wiki was wrong about her bornday, throw the whole blog away.

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