Kandi Burruss’ Numerology

Kandi! I love Kandi. I always have and after I did her numerology, I get why! So let’s get into her numerology. Kandi is born, 5/17/1976 and her life path number is 18/9. So the first thing that stands out in her birthday to me is her day of birth. The day of birth in numerology symbolizes what you are good at. There are lessons, but not like the lessons of your life path number. I have talked about 17/8 a great deal because it was the first number I studied in depth – because it’s my life path number.

So first thing to note is whenever you are dealing with anyone with 8 energy – so anyone with a life path number of 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, or 53, or a person that is born on an 8, 17, or 26 day trust they will be 100% about their money and they will ALWAYS have receipts, even ones from 1997 lol. No, but really, we will.

Kandi being born on the 17th day means that money is deeply spiritual to her. If you mess with her money it will affect her spiritually first. When I am doing numerology workshops and I talk about the number 17 specifically, most look at me crazy until there is another 17 energy in the room and they always have this assertive nod. Women 8s have it especially hard because this number is a POWER number and unfortunately, many people do not know how to deal with women who understand their personal power. Because 17 is her day of birth it means that she is good at dealing with money and she understands money on a high vibration which makes her pay attention to ALL the details, and even though she is in the public eye, you will never know just how much money she really has because she is super private and has mastered the art of being public yet very private. Because 17/8 is the spiritual 8, she will always make a great deal of money by helping others, which leads me to her life path number. Her life path number being 18/9 means that she is a natural humanitarian and people will be in an out of her life more than any other life path number and here is why.

The number 9 is considered the last number of the cycle so she is constantly having to purge, people, things, and situations in order to bring in those constant new beginnings her spirit craves. Some people may think that it is a toxic dismissive trait that she has, but it is far from that. It is her spirit’s/higher self’s way of making room for the new things to come. She can always feel when a cycle is coming to an end, which is probably the hardest thing for her to deal with and because of that she can lose money from hanging on to people, things, or certain situations when they are no longer serving her. 18/9 is also the number of inheritance so her good deeds will usually bring prosperous opportunities to her because people remember what she did for them long ago, even if they fell out over something small!

Because Kandi has that 17 as her day of birth, she can tell when people are full of shit because she can see it numerically, like the Matrix, I am so serious. One thing she will have to guard against is pushing her power on people with excessive force when it is not needed and to have discernment on when to lay down the law and when to just walk away. Working with other 8 people can prove to be an issues as a clashing of heads, like with Tamar Braxton, born on March 17, 1977 (which makes her a life path number 17/8 and a day of birth 17/8 which is a WHOLE NOTHER STORY!) And Kandi will need to remember that others can have great ideas too that would be beneficial to her spiritual and financial growth.

For her personal year (which is the vibration surrounding her this year 2019) it is 16/7. So she will have to be careful with love triangles, not feeling like there is enough love for her this year, and she will have to be careful with infedelity. This is a deeply spiritual year for her which will require her to have a lot of alone time to figure out the mysteries of herself that she may have never known. Family and friends may feel the distance so she will have to communicate that it is not them, it is her. There may be times she is turned inside out so that she can SEE. Many deep mirror talks with herself will happen and she may even find a spiritual teacher that will guide her to higher vibrations. My advice this year is to be easy on yourself, Kandi.

Now one other thing about 18/9 as far as sex, love, and romance is concerned is that she has an appetite for variety. 18/9 people sexually have juicy fantasies for group sex/orgies, and taboo sex so she will have to make sure to protect her finances from folks that know this about her as to not use it against her! Oh and if Wikipedia was wrong about her bornday, throw the whole blog away! Cheers to numerology!

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