July 2020

Hello July. July is the universal numerical month of 11/2 this year. This month as a collective will shine even more light on who you consider your team, who you can depend on or not, and effective communication. This month is going to test, grow, and reward your communication skills. This month is going to test diplomacy and tact. So I say, cool water on your Ori. Think carefully before speaking and reacting. Listen to communicate.Try your best if you can not to pop off. Take the high road.

Listen to communicate. Everyone will want to be heard this month. Listen to communicate.

Ignore immature communication and find your solutions through careful planning. Don’t fall prey to baiting.

Plan behind the scenes. Notice patterns as you navigate what’s not being said. Pay attention to what’s not being said and flow under the radar. Protect your energy. Embrace those you can count on. Be kind to women. The karmic rewards are limitless in 2 energy when you are kind to women. Remember balance and duality are key. Keep moonstone crystal close by. Balance your chakras, especially the sacral chakra.

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