Jordyn Woods’ Numerology

Let’s talk about the numerology of Jordyn Woods. She is born 9/23/1997 and her life path number is the master number 22/4. I have talked a lot about the number 22 and 4 in general as there are so many people in the industry with 4 life path numbers or born on 4 days – like Oprah, Shonda Rhimes, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Kim Kardashian, Iyanla Vanzant, P. Diddy, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Bill Gates and a slew of others and the one thing all of these folks have in common is that they are super hard workers with amazing work ethic. They came here to put in serious work. And in Jordyn’s case she came here to master build. To build businesses from scratch one after the other working from the beginning to the launch stage over and over again. She knows what it takes to start from the bottom and work her way up because she is not afraid to put in the work, make mistakes, and get her hands dirty. She’s a tough one and once all this blows over, she will be back to going with the flow. She isn’t lazy nor is she afraid of a challenge. This is why I am so glad that she went on the Red Table Talk to take control of her voice. Love and more love to Jada for using her platform for this as well as all the other important topics on the show! I also loved when Will Smith came on to give some fatherly advice, especially since Will and Jordyn have the same life path number. And what is even more interesting is that their birthdays are 2 days apart both being Libras which brings me to Jordyn’s day of birth.

One of her greatest challenges in this lifetime will be balancing her need for freedom vs her need to work and get things done and because her day of birth is 23 sexual freedom and her constant need for passionate, sexual, and sensual adventures will have to be managed and I use the word managed because with her being a 22/4 when things are not managed correctly, it hurts her heart space – physically and spiritually. Beyonce and Jayz manage this well being that they are both born on 4 days with 5 life path numbers. These two numbers are like oil and water and in order to get the most out of this numerical combination, you have to celebrate your wins, but to remember to come back to work! The key for her is to work just as hard for personal freedom and her businesses equally so that when she is checking things off her goal list she can celebrate each conquered goal which in turn elevates her personal freedom vibration. Jordyn is a butterfly, always transforming to another dimension of freedom. So in some weird karmic way, this was probably a good thing wrapped up in lessons and growth.

SO she is in her personal year of 17/8. If I were Jordyn I would launch, launch, launch and launch all things pending all things new this year. I would do some spiritual motivational speaking to young women going through what she has – especially the social media bullying and if time permits I would write and launch a book about it – that 2 and 3 in her day of birth means she is good at creative communication. She is in her money year with a 22/4 life path number. Anything that she touches this year can turn to gold, she just needs to be surrounded by the right people. She will surely rise like a phoenix being surrounded by love while she works. She has the potential to use all of this to set herself and her family up for lifetimes – I am so serious. And because she is born in 1997 – from the months of September 30 – to December 30th I would launch the best and greatest thing I could ever launch as that would be an extra dose of 8 energy.

Now here is a warning – she will need to SUPER careful with lawsuits, get rich schemes, and mishandling of money this year. CHECK everything. Don’t believe anything that is not triple quadruple checked! Pay what you owe. Don’t speak ill of your money. Keep those money vibrations high! Don’t read this blogs – well just this one! And don’t pay attention to anything negative concerning the Tristan situation. This is the year to concentrate on all your brands and I am telling you it will be super successful – just be around the ones that love you, and grind!

If Wikipedia was wrong about Jordyn’s birthday, throw the whole blog away!

And so it is.

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