Jhene’ Aiko’s Numerology

I am a big fan of Jhene’s music and her spiritual energy is always deeply refreshing to me. 

Today is her bornday so let’s get into her numerology.

She was born 3/16/1988 so first let me say as a Pisces in Western Astrology, Mercury is retrograde in Pisces and the new moon was just in Pisces so if you have a Pisces in your life, Pisces in your astro chart your emotions are indeed speaking to you. Be easy.

Her lifepath in numerology is 18/9 so much like Pisces holding all the other signs up, the number 9 being the last number does something similar. And because of this 9s have people constantly in and out of their lives that they have to let go of to make room for the influx of new energy. They have to make peace with this as this is a life lesson. This does not mean everyone leaves, it just means situations that may no longer be serving them or some sort of ascension has happened for the energies to move on or move on to come back after some lessons have been learned and healing has happened. She is an 18/9 so the 8 in her life path speaks a great deal of her gaining wealth from people that come into her life or losing wealth from holding on to stagnant energy too long. And the truth is 18/9s always know when it is time to let something go. This vibration is constantly transforming over and over and over and over again. Constantly having to spring clean, opening the doors and windows of life, getting out the cobwebs that accumulated over time. The beauty in this is the constant newness that manifests. But as humans, we never really want to let go of things we have attachments to. And that human experience is a part of what we all chose. If it takes them too long to remove something, the Universe will naturally do it for them. And because of this, 9s have to have a strong spiritual base which to lean on to keep them elevated when they feel like everything is constantly leaving them.

If you have ever listened to her song “What A Life” and listened to the music of the song, the deepness of the horns like they are under water pushing out sound, this is what the deepness of a 9 is like.

She is born on the 16th day, like Sade and Aaliyah. Her outlet and career of beautiful music that can deeply touch the core of feelings and emotions is healing for her and for anyone that listens, just like Sade and Aaliyah.This number in numerology is considered a karmic debt number. Don’t let the word debt scare you for anyone else born on the 16th day or with 16 life path numbers. It means that in a previous lifetime there may have been deep issues with spirituality as it pertains to love and maybe infidelity so you came here to heal that and know there is always enough love for you. Affirm – there is always enough love for me. The number 16 often doubts that. This is why your tribe has to be super loving on all levels and constantly reassuring.16 energy should never be around people who make them feel like they are hard to love. The 16 vibration has to be careful with infidelity and 3 way relationships where no one knows about each other because of deceit. This will only add to the karma of this particular karmic debt number in a destructive way and deepen the wounds of even the past lives you are learning this karmic debt lesson from.

For all 9s you have to have creative deep ways of expressing yourselves that involve people in a big way because you are the natural humanitarian. You have to travel and connect. 9’s are the kinds of people that everyone remembers. You could be some place random and someone could walk up to you that remembers you from long ago. Embrace that. That is your fruitful soul energy. That is your inheritance. Don’t be afraid to be open to people because you don’t know how long they will be in your life. Live in the moment and allow yourself to just be and wherever you end up in the world, know that you are indeed connected to source.

And so it is.

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