Rise in Peace Elijah Cummings

I haven’t done a numerology blog in a minute, and when the urge presented itself this morning, I knew I had to write it about Ibae, Elijah Eugene Cummings – may he rest well and rise like the star seed he was in the spirit world and journey into even higher realms.

He was born January 18, 1951 and his life path number was 17/8. Now most people who know me and numerology know how much I love the number 17 and that I can be a bit biased, but you can imagine the joy I felt in my soul when I saw his life path number was 17/8.

The 17/8 vibration is the spiritual currency vibration. He was living in his destiny and providing people with hope for abundance and growth. It was as simple as that. And because he was born on the 18th day, he was naturally the humanitarian. People, their quests, and the true human experience – socially, politically, and spiritually were very important to him. Everyone could feel his need and desire to work for the people and their well-being. In a time where politicians/congress men and women are at the lower level of the totem pole due to trust and ethics, he was one of the greats who valued ethics and just leadership. If you are into the Tarot you know that the 17th card is the Star card – the destiny card. His light was super bright here on this dimension and so it will be wherever he is now!

The number 17/8 values the proper handling of money. Things that are done in a corrupt way with money will always be red flags for 17/8 folks because it is a part of the destiny and vibration to honor all things currency, worth, and financial. The number 17/8 wants everyone to understand their worth not just financially, but spiritually in an abundant way – hope this makes sense. 17/8 energy will motivate you to take charge of your self worth.

Because he was a Capricorn and Saturn has been in Capricorn for a while now, this year especially he was determined to make sure truth and justice were served. May his truth continue to soar.

I have my own view on the dates of when people pass over and I believe that because he passed on a 17 day while his sign was in Saturn, that his name will forever be written in the stars as highly prosperous with a splash of TRUTH and that his spiritual bank will help him journey higher and even brighter. Journey well, Elijah E Cummings.

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