Cyntoia Brown’s Numerology

UPDATED: She is released and free!


If you want to help with Cyntoia Brown’s clemency approval contact Governor Bill Haslam at (615) 741-2001. Call, call, call. #cyntoia #clemency

I have been following the case and story of Cyntoia Denise Brown for some time now and whenever I allow myself to just sit with her situation I think about all the young girls who have become victims of the organized crime of trafficking and how her voice is a divine force of healing and one that everyone needs to hear. The fact that she is still alive and willing to fight for her freedom means she has a voice, not just for herself but for other young girls and women who have gone through and are currently going through what she has.

Her bornday is 1/29/1988 and her life path number is 20/2 which happens to be President Obama’s life path number and her day of birth is also 2 but an 11/2 which is Michelle Obama’s life path number. This vibration is about choosing your team wisely, cooperation, and teamwork. Because both her day of birth and life path number are 2 she is passive and genuinely kind. Childhood circumstances and trauma hardened her at an early age which is not what her life path number represents which probably made her mask her passive nature very early on.The number 2 is easy to forgive as well as easy to lose emotional control, but it’s usually not because of something they caused purposely. This is why when people with this numerical vibration get upset and voice it in a non tactful or diplomatic way, it is never received well, even if they were correct.

She doesn’t mind taking the back seat if it means the people around her will thrive and because she is born on a day that is equal to 11 she has a voice, one that allows her to communicate very well (like Cardi B – born 10/11) and if she is released she will be very prosperous in speaking about her journey and her story. When she speaks or writes, people will listen. She also happens to have the same birthday as Oprah which is huge for her in the literary realm. So if Cyntoia were to write a movie script or write a book it is sure to be a bestseller – and we see how well Michelle Obama’s book did!. This number is a highly emotional number that thrives the best when they are surrounded by people that don’t see their passive energy and fluid emotions as a weakness, because she is far from weak or naive.

I am sending light and high vibrations consistently. Many she continue to rise above all of this in a divine way. And so it is. 

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