Biden and Trump – The power of the 17

So I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add numerology to this election!


Let’s talk about the number 17/8 and how significant it is in the numerical vibration and strategy of this election!


A little history on the number 17/8


This is the most spiritual 8 out of the 8 number combinations (8, 17, 26, 35, 44)

It is about how you lead with power (ethically)

It is about how well you manage your money in a way that not only benefits you but all humans 

It is about taking the lead to heal that eventually proves to be prosperous for the collective

This is a vibration that thrives on spiritual growth and abundance

Power struggles and abuse of power should be AVOIDED


Ok so let’s talk about why this is important for Biden and Trump.


President Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.’s bornday is November 20, 1942. His life path number is 20/2 (the exact same life path number is Barack Obama.)


Donald John Trump’s bonday is June 14, 1946. His life path number is 13/4. There are MANY people in the industry with this same life path number.


Biden’s personal YEAR for 2020 is 17/8 and Trump’s personal MONTH for November 2020 is 17/8. So this means that they were going head to head in one of the most powerful numerical vibrations at the same time, but one is for the whole year and the other is just for the month of November. This was the perfect year for Biden to run and win, and this was the perfect month for Trump to have the voting for the election, but the issue is that Trump has two karmic debt numbers as his main numbers (13 – procrastination and 14 – addiction).  These two numbers paired with 8 energy often lead to abuse of power.  


Here is an example of what I mean. R. Kelly’s bornday is January 8, 1967 and his life path number is 14/5.  The 8 and the 14/5 (karmic debt) aided in his abuse of power and sexual addiction. 


Here’s another example of what I mean. Keith Raniere the person that was just sentenced to 120 years in prison for the NXIVM cult  bornday is August 26, 1960 and his life path number is 23/5. Do you see the 8 and 5 correlation here? Hope I haven’t confused you!


So as we journey through November 2020, there is no doubt in my mind that Trump will pull all kinds of power moves to keep from conceding. But it would behoove him move ethically or he will continue to add layers of negative vibrations to both karmic debt numbers that he was born with. He will also need to make amends with any money issues lingering asap THIS month or it will follow him around until dealt with. 


For Biden, it will be important for him not to be baited into power struggles as he has this 8 energy for the remainder of the year and the reason this is important is because the year he is born in (1942) is equal to 16/7 which is also a karmic debt number. So this means that from the months of September 30th to December 30th he MUST be careful with being led into spiritual battles unbeknownst to him and love triangles. WHEW! . He can use this 8 energy to his advantage by doing lots of power and money manifesting work that will follow him for years to come so hopefully he has a good team of spiritually in tune folks!


Ok yall I’m done!


Cheers to what the next 4 years have in store for us all!  And remember to #getthisdance lol


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