Queen Bee and her Numerology

I am convinced that Beyoncé and her Mama are the grand supreme of the supreme. I imagine they have this telepathic understanding of the world and that Mama Tina is constantly brewing up some Louisiana goodness for her family that destroys anyone that gets in the way of their success and well-being especially since they are both born on 4 days in grounding Earth signs of Capricorn and Virgo and I am here for it fucking all! ALL OF IT.

So let us talk about the divine being that is BEYONCÉ! I have been wanting to do this for a while and I think now is just the perfect time! I am a HUGE fan of Beyoncé! The aspects of her craft are the direct result of putting in the work; simply put. Much like the Queen honey bee, Beyoncé gives birth to new versions of herself in large numbers, the difference is that not only does she birth those new versions she works the hell out of them! There is nothing in this world as we know it that can have any results even close to what we want if we do not put in the work and as simple as this statement seems, it is not easy especially for Beyoncé’s numerical vibrations. Beyoncé’s life path number is 14/5. This particular 5 in numerology is considered a karmic debt number and what this means is that in a previous lifetime there was a need for so much freedom or maybe even an overindulgence in freedom so in this lifetime the choice was to heal the karma surrounding that need. With this particular numerical combination of 1 and 4 to = 5, leadership and work battle the need for freedom and adventure.

Those that have 5 life path numbers have to constantly balance and clear their Vishuddha throat chakra (5th chakra) for effective communication and in Beyoncé’s case, for effective singing and range. In energy healing for her, there should be lots of focus on the throat and the womb space.

Beyoncé has to work especially hard to stay focused, but the saving grace in this combination is that she is born on a 4 day, which means she is “good” at work. In numerology, the day your are born is considered what you are good at. So there is a peculiar balance here, but it still requires her to work and equally take breaks/vacations and to COME BACK from those breaks. The battle is to work or not to work, to break or not to break, to indulge or not to indulge, to overindulge or not to overindulge and with the type of career she has, her work ethic is amazing so the breaks away are needed, because if not she will indeed overwork herself which is also a part of the lesson of this karmic debt.

The vibration of the 14/5 is a highly addictive sexual and sensual number. It is the number of sex in a way that craves it in the deepest sense of what it means to have an orgasm that takes over the entire body for the focus of sexual healing. It’s deep! 5’s are the sexual healers, which in turn keeps people addicted to them sexually and sensually. Even if Beyoncé was not “Beyoncé” she would have the ability to captivate anyone she had sex with because often times unknowingly lovers would come back over and over to have sex with her for healing not knowing they were being sexually healed. Keep in mind sexual healing can be tantric so many of us that watch her perform are sensually enticed through the GOTDAMN TV! Sexual healing is a taboo topic for many, but it is a real thing that happens even when you don’t think it is.

5 is also the number of Yeye Osun and some have compared her to this Orisha.  As an initiated priestess of Osun  I  definitely know there is  more to Osun than just being the number 5, wearing yellow, and referencing honey bees as it pertains to Yeye.  However, I can in my own understanding of Osun see some of the energy of Osun in Beyoncé, especially from the Pataki (story) of when Osun gave birth to Ibeji (twins).

The key to honoring life path number 14/5 with a day of birth of 4 is constantly finding the right opportunity over and over again that can open the door to freedom all the while remaining in full work beast mode for self-elevation. And in turn understanding that competition really is just an illusion and the real work is all about self and self only

Cheers to all that is Beyoncé!!

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