Are we compatible?

I get asked about astro-numerology and compatibility often and the first thing I always say as a disclaimer is compatibility is totally what you make it. You can choose to work with someone in the most beautiful way because of free will and compromise or not. The truth is we all have our days when regardless if we actually get along with a person, we can and will still bump heads. It is absolutely up to you how you choose to handle the situation. But what do you do when you are constantly bumping heads with someone you have to work with or be around? Or what do you do when you are in a romantic relationship with someone you truly love, but find it hard to connect in certain ways? Astro-numerology can provide the tools and help pinpoint areas in your relationship/partnership to make it easier to communicate and resolve conflict.

Compatibility readings are excellent for:

New business partnerships – Going into business with another person is a big deal. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with this person. If your business is one where you have a financial goal, it would be good to know your financial and work ethic vibrations with astro-numerology and how well they work together and the strengths and weakness with your compatibility. These tools have helped several of my clients work better in resolving conflict and communication issues. It is amazing to be able to work with someone that you have some kind of understanding and insight on and that also is better prepared to work with you!


Romantic/love relationships – Whether you are just meeting, in a new relationship, or have been married for several years, it is always refreshing to have a deeper understanding of the person you love or are considering bringing into your life. Lack of consistent connectedness and communication is like kryptonite to relationships. This is why I love using tools like astro-numerology for lovers because it opens the door for deep talks about your destiny. Being able to deal with conflict from a place of understanding instead of confusion is super sexy, educational, beautiful, awkward, interesting, romantic, and divine.


Family/sibling/children relationships – Often times we just want to know about the connection between our family members which I think is just as important as wanting to know about your romantic love partners.  Many of us spend the most time with your family members so having an idea about the connection helps in understanding how to compromise and how to work together.


Compatibility readings are also good for sport teammates, teacher/student, and other interpersonal relationships.

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