How was your July?

On these last days of this very intense, eye-opening, emotional 2 universal month, by this time many have found out who is team you or not. Who was doing snake shit, who was there for you or not doing said snake shit, and how to begin to heal and recover. You may have found new kindred spirits to align with, congratulations. You may have found better ways to communicate your wants and desires, congratulations. And the greatest, facing your shadow self. Two is duality.  


Dark-light, friend-foe, shadow-higherself.


All have to exist for the journey. Facing your shadow energy and truly going deep within to gain some type of understanding about your interpersonal interactions not only with yourself but others comes with facing your shadow. Being honest with yourself about your hidden self, and learning to make peace with that to align the two. This is what two energy is all about. #numerology #duality #communication #tact #diplomacy #thejourney


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