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INVESTMENT $25.00 for 10 min. or $35.00 for 20 min. numerology readings

I am so excited to be doing numerology readings for this year’s Honey & Hot Sauce Soiree’ in Atlanta, GA on Sunday, February 12, 2023!  Please view the descriptions below for the readings that I will be offering! 


Steps and Reading Information:


1.  Choose and pay for your reading below. Send an email to with your reading choice and supporting information needed or feel free to tell me during the reading.


2.  Purchase your reading HERE and if you do not have PayPal you can pay via CashApp at $nlanier8. Receipts will be sent to your email.


3.  All payments are non-refundable (your investment is non-refundable, but well worth it!)



If you’re new to numerology and need a little information about your life path number, this is for you!  This reading is about your entire birthday added up and what that means for you in this lifetime. What is needed from you: your full birthday


Go HERE for a full Numerology reading

This will give you insight of the numerical vibration of your full born name, new name, married name, spiritual name, or business name. What is needed from you: your full birthday, full born name, new name, married name, spiritual name or business name

This will give detailed insight on what type of numerical vibration is surrounding you for the current week of 7 days.  What I need from you: your full birthday

This is compatibility for love, family, children, business, co-workers, and more. What I need from you: full birthday for both people and the first name of both people. If you have the full name, full birthday, location of birth, and time of birth for each person I can go bit deeper if that is what you need.


Go HERE for a full compatibility reading

This includes wedding dates, child birth dates, addresses for homes and businesses, surgery dates and more.  What I need from you:  your full birthday and the date in question or the address in question


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